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April 2022 NCA Calendar Training Program and Materials

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Farm to Child Care
Interested in learning more about Farm to Child Care!? Check out this link for many awesome resources!

Listed here are some GREAT websites for Free Activities.

  • Jumpstart includes apps for smartphones and printable coloring and activity sheets. Resources are broken down by age group, and there is something for everyone.
  • Smarter Lunchrooms Movement This is geared mainly toward school settings, but has helpful information under the “Score Card & Tools” tab that providers can use, such as the “Creative, Fun, and Descriptive Names”.
  • Includes free activity ideas

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Grow It, Try It, Like It!
Grow It, Try It, Like It! Nutrition Education Kit Featuring MyPlate is a garden-themed nutrition education kit for child care center staff that introduces children to: three fruits – peaches, strawberries, and cantaloupe, and three vegetables – spinach, sweet potatoes, and crookneck squash.