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Trying to find licensed family child care providers in Minnesota?
Use this link to the DHS childcare locator to assist you in finding highly qualified child care providers in your area. Search by Name, City, County, or Zip Code. In the License Type select “Family Child Care”. After hitting search you will find a list of all the licensed family child care providers either with the name searched by or in the search area. It will show contact information, and other public information including the status of their license.

Are you considering starting your own in-home daycare business?
If so be sure to check out this page for great resources to see if in-home daycare may be right for you!

Is your child enrolled in the CACFP?
If your daycare provider asked you to complete a child enrollment form for CCNI your child is enrolled in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. We will be reimbursing your provider for the nutritious meals they are serving to the day care children. This is important to you because:

  • This program helps keep child care costs lower than without the program
  • Your children are assured nutritionally well balanced meals and snacks
  • Your provider will receive ongoing nutrition workshops and monitoring
  • Your provider has met some standards of quality (licensing, CACFP training and resources)
  • Your provider cannot ask you to provide more than one creditable meal component or charge any amount for meals for your children
  • Your provider is required to offer to supply at least one kind of infant formula for all children age six weeks until their first birthday


Periodically, we may send letters, emails, or call you directly requesting a verification of schedules or other helpful information to help make your child’s meal experience the best. If you hear from us, please respond as quickly and accurately as you can. It will help CCNI and your provider, very much.