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Interested in starting your own in-home daycare business? We can help! Check out these great resource documents and helpful websites!

Licensing Grant Available!
Receive reimbursement for some of your family child care licensing costs! Minnesota Providers who are becoming licensed for the first time may qualify for a one-time start-up grant for up to $300.00. Once licensed and participating on the Child & Adult Care Food Program with CCNI, and if eligible (providers must complete and submit a CCNI Household Income Statement, and be approved to be eligible) providers may receive up to $300.00 to help reimburse for licensing start up costs. The grant application and all documentation of expenses must be submitted for processing no later than 90 days from the date of licensing.

What can I earn as a family child care provider?
Click here to download a spreadsheet that will give you an estimate of what you could earn by starting an in-home childcare business. This is for demonstration purposes only and does not include expenses and other factors in determining actual income and savings. A financial planner will give better information on more detailed income expected if you are seriously considering starting your own business.

Looking to talk to someone who’s been through it?
There are many providers throughout the state of Minnesota who have experience and knowledge about the world of licensed family daycare. We call them our Provider Guides, as they would help guide you through the licensing and start-up process by being a point of contact for questions, concerns, and tips! Use your resources; reach out to one of our Provider Guides near you!

Provider Guides throughout Minnesota: