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Meal Rates July 2024 – June 2025

All providers participating on CACFP are eligible to be reimbursed at the following Tier II rates per child.

Breakfast: $0.60

Lunch/Supper: $1.90

Snacks: $0.26

Some providers are eligible for these increased Tier I rates if qualifying by income, area, or ask about other options.

Breakfast: $1.66

Lunch/Supper: $3.15

Snacks: $0.93

Whether or not you qualify for the increased rates, this program is very much worth it to participate. Take a look at our July 2023 newsletter for information on why you should participate!

This program is free to licensed family child care providers and is essential to providing quality meals and snacks to children.

CACFP It Adds Up! Click on the link to see how much the reimbursements will benefit you and the children served while in care!

We also encourage you to check out Tom Copeland’s blog! Tom is the Nation’s leading expert on the business of family child care!

Tier Eligibility Map
The reimbursement rates are currently the same for all providers regardless of their area eligibility. However, if you’d like to look at the tier map to determine if you live in a tier I or tier II area, please click the link above. All you need to do is select Family Daycare from the “pop-up” when arriving at the site, then in the top right hand corner type your address. If your address is pinned in a non-shaded area you’re in a tier II area. If it’s shaded full red, or red dots, you’re in a tier II area. Please remember, providers must be income eligible to claim their own children on the program regardless of their area eligibility. Please feel free to contact the office with questions.