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Thank you for visiting our website to find information regarding your required 2020 CACFP Training.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all of our training workshops from March 16, 2020 going forward through 2020.

Below are links to a PDF version of our PowerPoint presentation for this year’s training. The document has each page of our PowerPoint with notes detailing the information discussed at training workshops. Also included below is our training packet which includes all the pages of the printed packets handed out at our spring workshops as well as the training quiz. If you would like to you may review the training using the links below, complete the quiz, and send it to CCNI and you will have completed your annual training requirement for the CACFP.

We know so many of you rely on those training workshops for hours toward your annual licensing requirement. Because of that, CCNI decided to reach out to the county licensers throughout the state to ask for their consideration of allowing the completion of your annual CACFP training to be counted toward your licensing training requirement as well. Our responses from the licensers have been in full support of allowing your time spent on our training at your home to count toward your annual licensing requirement. There are some counties that we have not heard back from, so completion of your annual CACFP training may or may not count toward your annual credit hours for your license. The certificates will indicate that at the discretion of the licenser, training hours may be granted, however please note that there will not be hours entered into Develop for your completion of this training. Additionally, please know that as a provider participating on the CACFP through CCNI your completion of this training is REQUIRED annually to be in compliance for your participation on the CACFP. So whether or not the hours count toward your annual license requirement, you are still required to complete the training quiz and return it to CCNI.

We are asking that you please review the PowerPoint PDF and handouts, and complete the quiz. Once you’ve completed the quiz you can either mail or send images of the completed quiz via email or text to your monitor or the office. Upon CCNI’s receipt of your quiz you will have satisfied the annual CACFP requirement of completion of your annual training. We will send you a certificate with the answers to the quiz on the reverse side. Incorrect answers will be highlighted so please be sure you review those. If you have any questions or concerns with regard to your CACFP training for this year, please be sure to reach out to your monitor or the office. We ask that you complete the training no later than August 31, 2020. If you need a paper packet mailed to you, please let the office know and we will send one out.

FY20 PowerPoint with Notes PDF File

FY20 Training Packet with Quiz

Additional Handouts

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Feeding Your Baby for Parents

WIC FY20 Training Handout