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USDA Child & Adult Care Food Program Sponsor

Meal Rates July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

Meal Tier I Rate Tier 2 Rate
Breakfast $1.33 $.48
Lunch/Supper $2.49 $1.50
Snacks $ .74 $ .20

This program is free to licensed family child care providers and is essential to providing quality meals and snacks to children.

It Adds Up! Click on the link to see how much the reimbursements will benefit you and the children served while in care!

Check out these great cost vs reimbursement comparisons which will show that the food reimbursements received from this outstanding program can cover your daycare food costs!

Meal Cost Comparisons

Infant Cost and Reimbursement

We also encourage you to check out Tom Copeland’s blog! Tom is the Nation’s leading expert on the business of family child care!

Tiering map
To find out which tier you live in, enter your address on the tiering map (above link) and hit “enter”. Then, on the lower right side of the screen click on the “family daycare” button to see if any pink areas show up at your address.