The Child & Adult Care Food Program or CACFP is a federal program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, generally through your local state Department of Education. The CACFP reimburses child care providers for serving nu- tritious meals to children in their care through age 12. Providers may only participate on the program under the sponsorship of a local CACFP administering agency or “sponsor.”

Does it make sense for me to join the CACFP?

Fact #1

The program means better nutrition for healthy bodies and growing minds. By reimbursing food costs, the program lets you buy higher-quality food while charging competitive rates. Program meals meet nutritional standards boosting dietary iron and foods high in vitamins A and C, and help set healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. A recent national child care study reports that participa- tion in the CACFP is a primary indicator of top quality child care - with over 87% of the highest-rated family child care homes in that study participating in the food program.

Fact #2

When you join the program, you gain access to a full range of nutrition education services. Nutrition information, training and support - all these can help keep food costs down and assure higher qual- ity meals. Nutrition education will also benefit your own family.

Fact #3

The two-tier reimbursement system assures you of significant benefits at the bottom line. Whether you are tier I or II, you always benefit from joining the Child & Adult Care Food Program.

Fact #4

Both lower and higher-income child care providers can boost their cash flow by participating.

Four Reasons Why it Pays to Join the CACFP

Download the full brochure of benefits as to why join a food program.

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