The CCNI Story

In late 1984, a group of interested Ivanhoe community members decided to pursue the idea of forming a nonprofit organization to promote, support and offer services for family child care providers in Minnesota.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program administered through The United States Department of Agriculture was our primary function. We grew our client base from 8 claiming providers the first month of October, 1984 to over 900. Not bad for a little town business! Our customer service, helpfulness, support and care we give our clients is appreciated throughout the state.

Through the years, CCNI has also supported providers with Training programs, grants for licensing costs for new providers, coordinated accredited programs and helped offset the cost of professional development for over 50 providers. We also co-sponsor an annual child care conference with other area early childhood development and resource agencies. We also give a free annual subscription to our clients for the Minute Menu online record keeping and CACFP claiming program. This gives providers an easy to use program and record retention for tax and food program compliance. Our greatest accomplishments is being able to offer free services, support, and in-home visits three times a year to help family child care providers run an efficient business. They benefit by spending more time cuddling, calming, and playing with the young children and infants in their care. We do whatever we can to help them will help families keep working.

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